AOA, Seo In Guk & Girls' Generation

I wish that I would have written about these events separately after I went to them so I could write in detail, but I didn't and my memory is really bad... So this post will be just a short overview of the k-pop events I went in 2015. I saw and met Block B in February when I was still in Finland, but in Korea I went to see AOA's and Seo In Guk's official fanmeetings and Girls' Generation's first Phantasia concert. Unfortunately I was in Finland when Super Junior ended their tour to Seoul. Even though I still enjoy some k-pop occasionally, I'm not into fangirling anymore and I'm too lazy and too busy to run after idols, and I can't afford to buy as much albums than it is needed so you would have even a lightest chance to get in to fansigning events, so these official events have been  a good way for me to enjoy some k-pop once in a while. I can't afford to go to all concerts I would like to see, so I try to keep in mind what groups are most important to me and wait for them.

AOA - Heart Attack in Seoul

In October 14th I went to see AOA to Sangmyung Art Center. To be honest I thought that it would be a real concert and after I got a ticket I found out it's just an official fanmeeting. This kind of fanmeetings are nice, but it also means that most of the time will be spend talking instead of singing and unfortunately I don't understand everything with my Korean skills. This was also the first event for me where I was minority being a woman, I would say that 90% of the audience were boys. They were selling merchandice outside, I bought only the official lightstick.

My seat was in the second floor because fanclub members could buy their tickets in advance and we bought my ticket really late, but the view from the second floor is also really good! Because this was a fanmeeting, first half of the event girls just talked. They were asked lots of questions, their eight member Youkyung was there with rest of the girls too. Unfortunately I didn't understand much. They had also a contest where girls needed to answer questions about their fanclub (fans are called Elvis) and they got their turn to answer by dancing, their dances were really funny to watch. They also picked and answered some questions fans had written for them when we were waiting outside. One of the nicest things for fans was probably that few of the lucky fans had a chance to go to greet the girls on stage. When we entered inside, they collected that smaller part of our tickets and used them for a raffle to see who of us won prices and could go to get them from the girls. Choa was a sweetheart and after they had given all the prices away, she insisted to pick one more person to give that person a hug. She was so sweet. One of my favourite parts was when Yuna, Hyejeong and Chanmi performed a really cool dance number.

Second part of the fanmeeting was a mini concert. They performed all their hit songs I really wanted to see live and few other songs, it was really nice to see them dance and sing! In one of their songs they brought Youkyung to play drums with them and it was really cool! Last the girls read letters they had written to Elvis and most of them cried, some of them could barely talk... We weren't allowed to take pictures, but when they performed their last song after reading the letters Jimin gave us a permission to take pictures. All of the girls were really pretty and sweet and it was nice to see them live. I've always liked Chanmi a lot but in this event she was absolutely stunning, funny too.

This picture is from AOA's site, looks like the second floor is really far away, but it wasn't!

Seo In Guk - Fall In Guk

Seo In Guk is one of my favourite actors and my favourite solo artist. I adore him a lot and almost missed this fanmeeting, I bought a ticket only few days before. I'm so glad I found out early enough! This event was held in the same place than AOA's fanmeeting, Sangmyung Art Center and I was again in the second floor. He holds this official fanmeeting to his fans yearly around his birthday. Unfortunately they didn't sell any official items before the meeting, but fans were giving away stickers and other self produced items to promote their fangroups. There were women in every ages and from many Asian countries, he is really loved overseas too. When we entered the art center, there were rice wreaths for his birthday and people took pictures with them. There were also two message boards for love notes and questions so we could write short messages to him.

Jellyfish Entertainment had made the event visually really pretty, fall themed like the name. Like expected, most of the time he answered questions, there's always MC leading the event and asking the questions. He also made kimbap and one lucky fan was fed by him, or unlucky, because the piece was so big that she was really struggling with it. Apparently there had been also some kind of costume contests pictured outside the venue before the fanmeeting, they showed those pictures to us, some ridiculously funny, and In Guk needed to choose the winner. There were also paper hearts hidden under few of the seats and those people won something, signed cd maybe. That kind of situations are difficult to me because of course I would like to win but same time I hope that I wouldn't, because usually they ask the winners to answer some questions and I don't really speak enough Korean! Like now when In Guk found english note from the message board, he gave up with reading it immediatelly and jokingly just put it away... Anyways the MC made him to do funny things. There was also a contest where he needed to guess some of his friends by their shadows and asking some questions while their voices were changed, it was pretty funny even for a person who can't really understand what they were talking about.

I felt like he sounded more relaxed when the MC left and he had some time just to talk to us by himself. I was really really waiting to hear him sing and it was absolutely beautiful, I had sometimes tears in my eyes. I feel that he is underrated as a singer because he truly is amazing, really talented with a beautiful voice. He was handsome and it was really special to me to see and especially hear him singing live. I really hope that someday I can participate to his full concert. When we left they gave us an official mousepad with his picture made for only this event.

They send this to our emails after the concert, I think it's sweet. Unfortunately I'm not an official member of the fanclub, Heartrider.

Girls' Generation - Phantasia in Seoul

I became a fan of SNSD really suddenly, I didn't really care about them but I became accidentally a fan of Yoona because I saw her in few dramas, and pretty soon I found myself enjoying some of their music videos. They became one of my favourite girl groups, to me they are somehow legendary, there's no other group I would compare them to. So when I heard that they would have concerts in Seoul, I felt that I must go, and it was a really great decision! After the concert I've adored them even more than I did before the concert.

The concert was held in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium and I arrived to the venue few hours before the concert, unfortunately light sticks were already sold out. I really wanted to have one... Merchandise was really pretty, but I didn't need anything so didn't buy anything either. In boygroup concerts there has always been fans infront the venue to give some free goodies, like stickers, to promote their favourite idols and their fansites, but for SNSD I didn't see any. When we entered the venue they gave banners to everyone. We needed to hold them up for a certain song, but for some reason I didn't get introductions when to hold the banner up, so I don't even remember for what song it was...

My seat was in the third floor but I saw everything really well, it was much better seat than I expected! Only minus for the whole concert is that the seats were really small. Guy next to me sat almost in my lap and I felt really uncomfortable, I couldn't sit straight and he was smelly too... But when the concert begun, I kind of just forgot everything else. Girls performed every single song from their new album (really great, I love the album!), some old hits and even few of their japanese songs. Some of the songs were playback, but I think most of the time it was live and it's pretty impressive to see them to dance hours hard choreographies in heels!

It was magical. Sometimes I had tears in my eyes because it felt so amazing to see them live, I didn't even knew that they would be so important to me and that I would be so impressed. I had an amazing year but SNSD's concert was one of the highlights of it. I really enjoyed the concert and the girls were so beautiful... I recommend everyone to go to see them if you have a chance! SM Eterntainment concerts are really shows, not only concerts, and all the work put on building and planning the stage with moving and changing parts, lights, and little films they show you while the artists are changing outfits is something really worth experiencing.

Thank you, my Girls' Generation

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