SMTOWN @ COEX Artium part 2: LIVErary Cafe, Theatre

So here's the second part of my SMTWON posts, focusing on floors four and five, see the part one about first floors in here. When you enter the fourth floor the firtst thing you will see are huge promotional pictures of artists on the walls. On the other wall you will see Girls' Generation's music video outfits displayed prettily with the albums, other related items and screens showing the music videos.

It doesn't really look like it in the picture, but these heels were really high!

Main thing on the fourth floor is their LIVErary cafe. Here you can take tax refund of the things you bought, see huge 3D print of Suho, choose your favourite songs by SM artists to play on jukebox, buy albums and other products, see many albums on display, buy candies picked by yourself and enjoy some artist themed drinks or little things to eat. I was dissapointed because I really wanted to buy one of the artist drinks because you will get a nice bottle with it, they used to be ades but now they were juices. I was willing to buy a bottle of SNSD, Red Velvet or Super Junior, but SNSD and Red Velvet were grapefruit drinks, which I really dislike, and Super Junior drink was blue broccoli! Broccoli is fine to eat but when I go to a cafe broccoli juice wouldn't be my first choice to order, their drink used to be blue lemonade! I didn't want to waste my money on a drink I wouldn't like so I didn't buy anything... I know they used to sell cupcakes and small cakes too, but if I saw correctly they have nowadays only macarons and ice creams. You can also order basic coffee drinks but then you won't get that special bottle. Anyways there's lots to see in this floor too, many autographs in furnitures, pictures, albums and even some of the fake cakes artists have received.



Fifth floor is SMTOWN Theatre. Here they have a hologram theatre where they show filmed concerts of the artists and hologram musicals, but when I got there the previous show had just started and I didn't want to wait hours for the second one, so I didn't go to watch anything this time. In this floor you can also buy posters and some merchandice, take a look of little 3D prints of the artists, take pictures in photobox or with huge pictures of the artists on the walls and see the gallery of the handprints of the SM artists, they have also a hand matching machine so you can try to match your own hand print with your favourite artist's print!

I actually thought that fifth floor was the final floor because there weren't escalator to the sixth floor, but in the sixth floor there should be SMTOWN Space where they have another theater, audition zone, event hall, coin lockers and 3D printing, need to try check it too if I visit again!

These posters are more than human size

Changmin and me

Red Velvet

Guess who is Shindong...

I hope you enjoyed this tour with me around SMTOWN COEX Artium! If you are a  fan of any SM Enterntainment artist I highly recommend you to visit this place at least once in your life.

How to get there? 

It's super simple! Just take the green subway line 2 and get off at Samseong station. Take exit 6 which leads you to COEX, when you step outside, you can't miss to notice the SMTOWN in front of you.

Entrance is free, opening hours are 11:00-22:00
Check more information about the schedule of the theatre and other activities from their website


  1. Noi jäätelöt miellyttää mun esteettistä silmää, vaikka nyt en mikään superfani olekkaan. Oisko hulluu syödä jätskii näillä pakkasilla? :DD

    1. Ei ollenkaan hullua, jätskiä voi syödä milloin vain! Munkin mielestä ne näyttää tosi hyvältä, mutta ei tehnyt mieli jätskiä just tuolloin :/


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