SMTOWN @ COEX Artium part 1: SUM, Studio

I know I say often that my post will be picture heavy, but this time I really mean it, and that's why I will cut up this post to two posts. In this first post I will tell about first three floors and in my second post I will focus on the upper floors.

I visited SMTOWM in COEX mall this tuesday and at least once I'm going to make a post almost in real time. SMTOWN was opened next to COEX mall in the beginning of 2015 but this was my first time actually stepping inside. Best part of it is that visiting is totally free, you will pay only of the activities you might want to participate in and the goods you might want to buy. If you are a fan of SM artists I would say that you must visit this place! I love all SM arstists and I really enjoy of listening them all, but my top three of them are Super Junior, Girls' Generation and Red Velvet.

I think the place looks pretty amazing even from the outside, but when you step inside to the escalator you will be greeted with huge screens playing music videos of the artists, this time I got to enjoy of TVXQ. From the second floor you will find a store called SUM selling merchandice of the artists. I think the store is really beautifully made, there's so much little details to look at and signatures of idols on the tables, bags and shirts... They sell also stuff that isn't really related to idols, like cosmetics from Olive Young. Some of the products are similar items that the idols have used, some they call idol's picks, some are from the brands that those idols are endorsing, like Spao and Nature Republic.


I think that most of the products are expensive and because they have some more luxury brand items too, they really are expensive, but you can also find something small for yourself with an okay price. If you can't find anything else nice, there's candies in jars labeled with your favorite group. I didn't buy anything this time, but I really liked some of those canvas bags. Unfortunately pink Girls' Generation bag and Super Junior bag with "We are Super Junior" print weren't on sale yet. I think that light blue Red Velvet bag and Super Junior's blue bag were cool too, but not really my colors.

I think you will have most options to buy if you are fan of EXO, Red Velvet had only few items but all of those were really cute. Super Junior didn't have much interesting items or they had only part of the members available. They had one nice t-shirt but not in my size and I kind of want the neck pillow for traveling, but didn't buy it this time. There wasn't that much Girls' Generation either, or then I'm just too picky because I don't want to use my money to anything useless. Anyways even if you don't want to buy anything, you should definitely visit the store because there's so much to see! And take something with you that you can stamp with the name of your favourite member.

Guess my favourite!

Leeteuk's greetings

They had all seasons greetings open like this, so you could have a real look how they are!

Cute magnets

This must be my favourite, EXO party hats, anyone?

Needed to take a picture of this because they had Finnish Moomin product in the souvenir part of the shop. Yes, they have a table to sell souvenirs that aren't related to kpop at all.

In the third floor is the SMTOWN Studio and to use it you need to pay of it. They offer different kind of packages to give the experience what the SM idols are doing in the studio. If I understood correctly, you should make reservation beforehand and even a tour around the place isn't free. In the same floor you can see huge amounts of pictures of the idols on the walls and have a look of the trophies SM artist have won in the music shows. I felt really nostalgic to see some of the trophies won by Shinhwa when they were still under SM Entertainment. It was really hard to take pictures because of the mix of lightning and glass...

Check the second part here with instructions how to go to SMTOWN Coex Artium!

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