Some thoughts before christmas

My first semester is finished! And tomorrow I will head to Finland for christmas with my husband. We will stay in Finland only five nights because of my husband's limited holidays, but I'm still excited because Korean christmas just isn't the same than what is is in Finland. Here is lots of christmas lights in public buildings and shopping malls, but not really in korean households. In Korea chirstmas is mostly a holiday for couples. One thing that I have been enjoying is winter menu's on cafes. New delicious drinks and christmasy cups everywhere, they also play christmas songs. We also visited European christmas market few weeks ago, but it didn't give much christmas feeling for me. Other exciting thing is that my family and husband haven't met each other yet, so this will be the first time for them to meet!  I'm so happy to show finnish christmas to my husband and it will also be great relaxing time for him to get to know my family.

Unfortunately it looks like my body is now in the holiday mood too because it seems like I got somekind of cold. When I was still working in Finland, it was typical to me that I got sick when I had holidays from my work. I haven't felt too good past few days with symptoms of cold and migraine attacks, I hope that the flights won't be too painful. Long flights are rough enough even without being sick! I'm also suffering from motion sickness so it makes long flights even more uncomfortable for me... This time I will be trying out new medicine. I haven't tried any meds in patch form before and I REALLY hope it helps and won't give me too bad symptoms, I read lot's of scary stories.

What could I say about my first semester... It was hard! But it was also exciting, and I learned a lot. Something strange happened too... At first I didn't really care about grades, I knew that I needed to study to maintain my scholarship, but when I got my first midterm exams back with good results, something changed. Suddenly getting B's isn't enough for me anymore and I was actually really disappointed when one of the exams came back as a B+, even though I deserved that. I didn't do too well with that exam. Now I''m nervously waiting for my final grades! But there shouldn't be any worries about the scholarship.

I've also needed to be braver than ever before, I really dislike public speaking and it's something that makes me really nervous, ruins my sleep the night before and causes me feeling of fainting, but after all I held three individual speeches, one individual presentation, one debate and three group presentations! I haven't done this much public speeking maybe in my whole life, zero public speaking in english and so far I didn't faint! But still definitely not enjoying of it... Almost all courses required us to do group work and it was really stressful. It's hard to make schedules match and there's always one who comes late or is lazy with their part, it's hard especially if you like your group members because I don't want to have hard feelings towards anyone. I understand that professors want us to learn skills to work with other people but I've been working in real life and not anyone takes these group works seriously, I would like my skills to make my grade. I would rather write an extra essay or something. Anyways I worked with nice people so it wasn't bad all the time, just stressful! I met lots of nice people but unfortunately I didn't make any close friends yet... I wish that our relationship deepens next semester, even though studying takes so much time.

And now when the semester is over, I think that I will have more time to blog again. For these few months I don't have any real plans after my trip to Finland. Otherwise I will just try to meet some friends and learn some more Korean by myself and hopefully with one friend too. I thought about going to real korean classes but decided that after this first semester I need my break and don't want to be forced to daily schedule without any rest. Maybe next break then! I have lots of pictures from past summer and even though Korean winter is really cold, I might try to go outside sometimes too, maybe even with a camera. One of my korean professors said that Korean winters aren't that cold because there's no wind, but he is so wrong! Korean winter wind is FREEZING! I'm from a country with cold winters, but I've been totally freezing in here. It's been only around zero in here and still I feel like it's even colder than in Finland. Or then I just need to admit that I'm as bad with cold than with heat...


  1. My Russian Friend said Korea is colder than Moscow...maybe it's true..? I am sad :( haha I am freezing as well. I feel for you :(

    1. It can be true! I haven't visited Moscow, but it is sometimes really freezing in here! I think that the past days might have been a little bit warmer :) Try to survive through these cold months!


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