Fall in Seoul Zoo

This was my second time to visit Seoul Grand Park Zoo and last time I decided that I would really want to see it in the fall time when the leaves would be colorful. Main reason to go was to see their newborn giraffe baby called Elsa! The zoo itself is super pretty and the nature looks absolutely amazing, I would recommed to visit even if you aren't that much interested of animals. Animals were being really kind to us that day, we got to be really close to giraffes because they gave some food to them and we could witnes roaring show of around ten male lions, that was cool! Their tiger roared too and one of the monkeys had fun to act its own show to us.

Like I said the zoo is really, really pretty but unfortunately some of their animals are in pretty small cages and some of them look to be stressed, I don't know if this can be avoided as long as zoos exist... This was my husbands first time to visit this zoo, he isn't the biggest fan of walking but I bet that he enjoyed this visit too! If you are in Seoul, I really recommend you to visit. Entrance is only 3 000 won, definitely worth of the price, that's not much if you can see giraffes!

How to get there then?


Take light blue subway line 4 and get out at the Seoul Grand Park. There's many options for exit, you can choose any of those than say to zoo. When you get out walk straight until you can see buildings, if you want to buy a ticket to little train or those lifts you can see one of my pictures to get to the entrance, you can do it in here. If you don't want to, it's only aroun 1km walk to the zoo so continue walking right and follow the road. You can buy your ticket at the entrance.

Check the website to see walking routes and schedules when they will have some activities with the animals and their opening hours, opening hours depend of the season http://grandpark.seoul.go.kr/engMain.jsp

Entrance fee is 3 000 won/adult.

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