My courses for first semester

First af all, sorry for a long long silence, if someone is still reading. I've been busy with University and I'm lazy, I must admit. I would still have many pictures to publish and stories to write from my free days of spring and summer, recently I haven't took much pictures. I don't spend that much time at Unversity but we have readings and other homeworks to do and they take time, sometimes I would like to have time to spend with my husband. I'm also taking korean evening classes two times a week this semester. We started from the very basics so so far I haven't learned anything new besides new vocabulary, but it has been good to me to hear how to actually pronounce things. I hope that I will learn something new soon. It looks like they are not offering us a second level course when this semester is over so my winter break will probably go by studying korean by myself. I wish that my memory wouldn't be this bad!

Anyways, I wanted to write a few words about the courses I'm taking this semester. Now we have done half of the lectures since the midterm exams were a week ago. And I can tell that it was stressful! I read a lot but also decided that next time I need to read a lot more, so I must start reading earlier. I don't know yet how the exams went since I haven't got any results yet. I think I did okay but not perfectly, still hoping to get good grades... So I'm taking 7 courses and that means 18 credits, 20 is the maximum we can take in a one semester. So far I'm taking only mandatory courses for my major and liberal arts lectures to fill the amount we need to have before graduating.

Introduction to Global Futures Studies

This is the class that starts my week tuesdays at 3pm. This is liberal art course and to be honest, I took this because I couldn't find anything more suitable for me and I needed to take something I would survive of in my first semester. And actually this course sounds to be kind of interesting! Our professor seems to be really into on what he is teaching about. We have lots of homeworks based on readings and they are time consuming, midterm exam was based on these homeworks. Now we start to do a group report about something and we have in class group works and discussion time pretty often.

English Debate and Presentation

This is mandatory course for my major and maybe the scariest course for me. We need to make multiple speeches through this semester and we need to learn to debate. I know that this will be actually really useful course and I hope to learn a lot, but it's the course where I need to come out most of my comfort zone. Thankfully our professor seems to be really fun, encouraging and entertaining and knows that this will be really hard course for some of us, but of course we need to participate a lot and try our best if we want to get a good grade. Most of the other students in this class are korean. So far I've done two short speeches and one is still coming, our final exam will be a debate and we start to practice for it now.

Understanding Culture

This course is introduction course to concepts of culture and cultural diversity, we will also learn some basics of cultural anthropology. This is also mandatory course for us, our professor is korean and has been teaching this class many years. We need to do reading for every class and every class will also include group presentation. Our groups presentation will be in the last week before final exam and our subject is ethnicity, race, ethnic conflict and nationalism. I personally think that our subject is really interesting but I'm not too excited to give a presentation! Our midterm is an essay and we will have final exam, we should study some vocabulary that is essential in anthropology for it. We have been watching many interesting documents!

Minerva 2: Global Communication and Care

This is mandatory liberal arts course for freshmen. This is also cultural course, it should help us to understand classical literature, improve our communication skills and express our ideas academically. Our professor is korean and seems to be a bit nervous about lecturing in english, but I think that he wants us to do well in this class and hopes to give us good grades, his goal is that our classes would be fun for us. We have (hard) advanced readings for our classes, we need to keep short individual speech and have group discussions. We will get opportunity to collect more prosentual points for our grade if we want to do a presentation of some of our group discussions, but so far we really haven't had time for that. Our midterm was an essay and we will have a final exam. This specific course is only for international students.

International Relations: Theory and Practice

Again one mandatory course, I think that this will be hardest course for me. It's introductive course to theories of international relations and political issues. It sounds interesting and I think it will be really useful for my future career, but with my english level it will be hard so I think that I need to work a lot for this class. Our professor is great, nice and surely knows what he is talking about. This is really big class, I think there's 70-80 students and he still recognized me after our first class. Most of the students are korean. We had a midterm exam, our final exam will be final research paper and we need to give a group presentation. I'm really scared of the presentation because our text will be really hard to read and the questions after presentation are always so hard!

Korea Politics

I was afraid that this might be too hard course for first semester, but I think that this is one of my favourite classes. Our professor is korean and he seems to be really interested about us, this is a small class and we are all international students. This course is most about his lecturing, so we don't need to make speeches or presentations! Anyways we will have in-class discussions and we should participate actively. This is first course I chose just because I wanted to take it and I think that it will be really interesting.

Understanding of Korean Thoughts

Liberal arts course of old korean thoughts and believes, we will have group presentations about religions in Korea. And the presentations need to be super long, 30-40 minutes. What came a surprise to me is that we should learn to remember and write chinese characters for our final exam and to be honest I think it's too much, because we haven't learn how to draw them or what's the true meaning behind one spesific character. Just to memorize over 200 characters in specific sentences... And of course the same in Korean. Previous students are telling to me that our professor is just kidding and won't really ask those, but I think he sounds serious because we asked many times. Let's see, sounds and seems to be terrifying anyways.
EDIT// After all we didn't need to learn any chinese for the exam!

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