First week of university studies

I started my studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (shortly HUFS or 외대 (= wedae)) this tuesday but I did my course registeration on monday. I was actually really nervous about course registeration and spend hours and hours planning it, almost shed few tears too because it felt so difficult, I think I was planning too much what I would take next years at the same time. My major is in english but we have some amount of liberal art courses that are mandatory and unfortunately there isn't that much courses to choose from in english. In the end I tried to choose my courses wisely thinking about the coming years but also tried to choose some easier and nicer courses to start with. I got all courses I wanted to have, so far feeling good about my choices!

I'm a little bit (okay sometimes totally terrified) to start studying in the University since I don't have any kind of experience of this kind of studies. I graduated years ago and I didn't go to regular high school, we have vocational school option in Finland and I graduated as a clothing artisan. So we didn't have much general education courses or lectures and their level was around same than last year of middle school. We spend most of our time actually sewing and doing things that were related to to our future career which means that listening long lectures, taking notes, writing essays and making presentations will be something really new and challenging to me. And I can tell you that in Korean Universities you will have lots of speeches and presentations! Another challenging part for me is that I'm not native english speaker. This first week taught me already that sometimes it will be really hard to make my thoughts to sentences which would actually make sense and try to find all right words so it would sound academically correct. But I'm also happily surprised that listening different kind of professors hasn't been a problem to me. Speaking is hardest, and I need to do it a lot these coming years.


Another scary (and happy) thing is that I'm a scholarship student. Happy part is that my University will pay my whole tuition but the scary part is that my GPA must be 3 or more all semesters or they will kick me out. People say to me that GPA 3 will be really easy to get and keep but I don't know what kind of learner I will be and what professors will think about me, this kind of grading is also new to me. So yeah, this gives me pressure and I must work really hard because I don't want to take any risks to be dropped out.

My first week at the University has been fine. I've been scared and nervous but a while before our studies started we got an email from our school where our names were visible and some of the people from that email list started to gather us together online. So some of us international students have had a kakao group chat for a while and some of us have met before school started and in our orientation day. So I've already had familiar faces in my classes! Luckily some new people came to talk with me too and everyone seems to be super nice. Looking forward to get to know everyone better.

I was planning to write about the courses I selected but this is already so long that I will save that for some other time. This first week we had mostly just introduction lectures so I will have better view of the courses after week or two when we actually start to do something. I must say that I'm pretty impressed about my professors, most of them seem to be really passionate about what they do and really motivated to teach us. I'm also thinking about writing a post about how to apply to university in Korea, but it might take a while. Pictures of this post are taken in our Seoul campus just with my phone.

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