July through my phone

I spend most of July in Finland, I needed to apply for a spouse visa and this way I could spend time with my family. It was really good to be with my family but it was also really hard time for me, it wasn't fun to be separated from my husband for 3 weeks and we needed to deal with big decisions related to my studies in University, in the end things turned out to be fine so nerve wracking times were worth of it. It's hard to leave my family behind but I'm so glad that we didn't need to be separated with husband longer than this. Weather in Finland was cold!

My time in Finland started with a visit to the embassy of The Republic of Korea to leave my spouse visa application. We needed to prepare LOTS of papers! Well, my husband needed. They didn't want much from me. There was also some pictures of us as additional files so we could prove that our relationship really is real. Hard work was worth of it and my visa was ready in 4 working days!

After visa application I went to live to my mom's place, she lives in a small city by ocean. First days of my time in Finland were warm so kids wanted to swim everyday, my youngest siblings are 11 and 13 years old. Later it got a lot colder and they couldn't do that as often as they would have wanted to.

Spend a lot of time with this little girl. She is my mothers boyfriend's rescue dog from Spain who loves sun and sleeping in strange positions.

Spend lots of time with my little siblings, doing nothing special, just being together. And celebrated my sister's 13th birthday!

Did some fails with my hair color, because hair dye in Korea was a fail too... Starting with bleaching and getting brown, but apparently it looked just like my own roots would have grown like that... I kind of liked that brown, but ended up with really dark brown hair color. Dyeing my hair three times in three weeks...

My dad moved right next to ocean, few metres outside and you can touch it. They had some problems with swans who thought it's their area. Swans with babies can be really anfry and aggressive, they will attack if you go too close!

Went to pick up my visa from Helsinki and decided to make it to be a quality time with brother too. Our train broke down when we were going there and we ended up waiting an extra hour in a middle of nowhere. Next day we visited Zoo. It's located in an island and we took a short ferry ride to get there. In the end this zoo was kind of disappointing and really crowded with kids, we didn't see much animals. That monkey with cool mustache was our favourite.

Spend a weekend with my friend in Turku. Later came to Turku, my former home city, to meet some of my old workmates. Saw also some nightlife and won't be missing it, but had a good time seeing old friends and getting to know some new people.

My sister is huge fan of this finnish teenage idol called Robin. He is really famous and actually really good performer so I wanted to go too, this was my third time of seeing him with my siblings. He was great like always but unfortunately it started raining in the middle of the concert.


1. Then I got back to Korea! Been missing Mimi a lot, so we have had some cuddles.
2. I've spend lots of time at cafés studying korean and enjoying drinks.
3. My hair is dark brown now.
4. We have had lunch and dinner few times with family. Once husbands sister's family visited us too and we went to eat in this korean restaurant where every table is in their own little room.

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