Children's Grand Park - Zoo

I'm a little bit late with this post since we visited Children's Grand Park and its zoo actually in April! But better late than never? It was really hot already in April so animals were mostly sleeping and resting, I wonder how they are now when humans are really melting too. When we visited there we just headed to the zoo but now when I checked more information about the Children's Grand Park, I found out that there's also an amusement park and a water playground somewhere! There's also playgrounds for kids, botanical garden and apparently they are offering camel and pony rides too.

Botanical garden

Best thing about Children's Grand Park's Zoo is that it's totally free! It isn't my favourite zoo in Seoul, but they offer good variety of animals and it isn't too big to look around even for kids. I'm not sure about cage sizes and stuff like that since there's always negative part of zoos too, but in my eyes most of the animals seemed to be fine and doing well? I'm really surprised how big cats sleep here in totally open spaces, visible for the audience. One huge tiger slept right next to the glass and didn't react at all when we passed by!

Blue-eyed beauty! Stole my heart...

Best part for me was that there were ponies and one of them let me to pet him/her, I can't resist ponies... We saw lots of animals but apparently not all of those, since there should be also a Marine house where they have seals and polar bears!  I saw penguins but I would have wanted to see seals and polar bears too, maybe we need to visit again someday. I wish that there would be more snakes, they didn't have that much reptiles.


Little paws!
So close, wanted to pet so bad...

How to get there

There is few ways to come to the Children's Grand Park, but easiest way would be to take subway line 7, your station will be Children's Grand Park, take exit 1 and you will be really close to the main gate.
Park is open 5am to 10pm and Zoo is open 9am to 5pm, can be changed depending of the season and weather.


  1. Toi mustajoutsen on tosi upea :O En ennen googlettamista ees tienny et semmosiakin on.

    Aika jännä, et on ilmanen eläintarha, jossa leijonia yms kans :)

    1. Se oli kyllä kaunis :) Ja oon kyllä itsekin tosi yllättynyt, että tuonne pääsi ilmaiseksi, Suomessa ei näkis ikinä noin paljon eläimiä ilmaiseksi! Täällä on myös sellainen isompi upea eläintarha ja sinnekin sisäänpääsy oli muistaakseni vaan jotain 1-2 euron väliltä aikuiselta.


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