Our wedding pictures - Korean style pre-wedding photoshoot

In Korea it's usual that wedding pictures aren't taken in the wedding day so people migh go to get pre-wedding pictures or in our case we took our pictures few weeks after getting married, without wedding. Korean brides don't usually buy their own dresses so they have one rented for a wedding day, hanbok (korean traditional dress) for the special ceremony and then a dress or few for their photoshoot. I don't know much about korean weddings since I haven't experienced any yet, but usually you book a wedding hall where the wedding is held and they might have a deal for you including dresses. At first I thought that I wouldn't even want to get this wedding style photoshoot yet, but my mother in law encouraged us to take them so I decided to give it a try and it was fun experience. Wedding like experience without real wedding. 

So in Korea here's studios that are specialized on photography and with the same price they will dress you up (and yeah it is expensive...). We had also a make up artist in use to do my make up and hair and when I was getting dressed she did quickly Yonggun's hair and face too. They asked what kind of hair and make up I would like, I was nervous that make up would be too light because korean girls don't usually use as heavy make up as I do, but she did a really good job! It was different than how I usually look, but really nice. They gave me maybe 4 dresses to choose from and I was really scared that I would be too big to all of those since I'm chubby instead of korean small and skinny, but seemed like they were used to different sized brides. They would have had even a strapless bra for me! I got to try those dresses on and all of those were open from back and closed with fabrick instead of lacing so dress size didn't really matter that much, unfortunately my hips were too big to their mermaid style dress. Too bad that without lacing my dress doesn't look good from the back and that bothers me in the pics where you can see my back. The dress I chose was also kind of worn out but in the pics it looks good. In our actual wedding I want something better fitting and right sized and I really want to wear a hanbok too.

Our studio had good collection of accessories to choose from, we decided to go without a veil but Yonggun really wanted me to wear tiara even though I thought that it might be too much... I don't know! They provided me ear rings, necklaces, hair accessory and high heels for my two outfits. I got to choose my second dress between a mini dress or a colored evening dress and I decided to go with a mini. I got to try on two different mini dresses and they were small! But extra fabric made its job once again. They had also few kind of options for men, Yonggun got to try on two different jackets. I saw that they have lot of sizes to dress up kids too. Taking pictures was actually really fun and I really liked all their staff, they were all so nice to me! I can't understand korean that well so when I couldn't understand, our photographer came to show me what kind of position I should take in the picture. And they didn't force me to smile with my teeth showing after I told that I won't do it, I don't feel comfortable to smile with my teeth showing so don't want to ruin expensive photos like that. They took a lot of pictures just of me even though pictures of Yonggun were my favourites. After our shoot we got to sit down and decide the best of all pictures, we decided to buy an album of all chosen pics (and they made it really beautiful!) so we could also get these original files to share with my family and friends. This whole photoshoot with make up took maybe around 3 hours, at least that's the amount of time they want you to reserve from your schedule, it went really fast!

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