Buckhon hanok village & Samcheong-dong

I adore old korean architecture so visit to the Buckheon hanok village was a must for me. Hanok means korean traditional house and like the name tells, this little village is filled with those. People are still living in these houses, so you should keep your voice down in some of the streets and respect the residents. If you are interested of palaces and traditional buildings Buckhon is really easy to visit since it's located between of Gyenbok and Changdok palaces.

I had huge expectations because I've seen so many really idyllic and beautiful pics of it, so at first I was kind of disappointed and almost gave up because of the heat when I couldn't see what I came to look for. So be brave and go to the small streets and take enough time to look around! I highly recommend to visit this little tourist information spot in the main street since they can provide you a map with a walking route which leads you to the hanok's and most famous attractions of the area. I haven't seen korean historical dramas yet, but they are pretty popular in Korea and some of them have been filmed in here. You can also visit traditional workshops and tea houses or even spend your night in a guesthouse located on a hanok.

Then to the Samcheong-dong part, Buckhon is part of it too, but to to the Samcheong's main road and little roads next to it. Samcheong-dong is stylish, artsy and hip. It's eyecandy where you will see a lot of unique things and buildings with really interesting fronts. I love how much koreans pay attention on how their stores look inside but everything starts from the outside! They want to get your attention, stay in your mind and get you to step in. At my first visit I couldn't see all because it started raining and the second time I didn't realize to take pictures, so many little details are missing of my pictures. There's so many interesting café's and little stores located in here.

I love Etude

President's office, Blue House, is also located in Samcheong-dong. I didn't know this and thought that the road looked really interesting and wanted to see some buildings closer and kept wondering why there were so many security guards, now I know why! I saw only a glimpse of it because I was too shy to go closer, felt like I'm not supposed to be there alone. I searched about it a bit and it's actually possible to visit Blue House too, but you need to reserve a place in a guided tour for you. Tours are free so I could be interested to go there someday!

This café is pretty near to President's Office

Korean's are getting interested of Moomin's too

And just a little question, readers,

would you like to see here maps of the area's I visit or some kind of instructions how to get there? I'm not writing any kind of exlusive reviews about shops or café's so I don't know if there's any use for that kind of information?


  1. About your question: Well, I'm not going to Korea anytime soon, but I do follow your blog, so the day I will go to Korea I'm sure I will come back to read your posts, so it would be nice if you had like short tips where to go :) But maybe full instructions wouldn't be worth the trouble.

    1. Thanks for feedback! I think that I could at least start to write (or add some kind of map) which subway to take and where to get out, or maybe better information where in Seoul these places actually are. :) There's so cool and nice travel blogs around and blogs introducing cafés and shops but I don't think that I can do it because I'm really shy at taking pictures, but I will definitely write down if I will have some special tips and spots in my mind!


Please let me know your thoughts! :)