One step outside - Dream Forest

I didn't know much about Seongbuk-gu or never visited this area where I live now before I actually came here with my luggages, but I can't complain. Right next to our house is big, really nice park called Dream Forest. Now when it's getting really warm, people even travel here to spend some time to hang out in the park, we can just walk to the other side of the street, even my lazy husband who hates walking can make it! All my pics are taken on Children's Day, so there were lots of people! Usually it isn't this crowded.

Koreans go to parks with tents!

They have some activies in here too, infront of it is even Dream Forest visitors center! There's few cafees, big one and a take out cafee, art center, children's playground and some kind of studio, but husband didn't know what kind of things they do there. In a public holiday like this you could see koreans with tents in everywhere! They were also playing music, don't know if they had something else going on there that day because we did our walk when it was already getting chilly. In a normal day it's really nice and pretty place to walk with family or dogs, you can see a lot of little dogs in here. When it's dark, frog gets really loud!

You can rent these little cars for your kids infront of park!

And if you know where to look at, you can also visit some deers next to the park. We chose totally wrong way at first but found those deers in the end. They didn't seem to care too much about people but some of them let kids feed grass to them.

Kids in their cars

There's home!

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