My favourite place in the world - Hyehwa

Hyehwa, Naksan, Ihwa, Daehagno, I'll talk all of this places in this post as Hyehwa and Hyehwa is my favourite place in the world. I don't know why, but I feel good when I'm wandering around Hyehwa. Even if there would be lots of people it feels kind of calm and peaceful place for me. If I could choose where to live, I would move to Hyehwa. If I'm bored and don't know what to do, I'll go to Hyehwa. If I need something, I'll go to get it from Hyehwa if I know that they have it in there.

When I visited Seoul for the first time, I spend half of my nights in Hongdae and another half in Hyehwa and even though Hongdae is really cool place, Hyehwa was the place for me. I haven't met anyone who would be so in love with this place, but I knew that I would like it even before I really went there, just had seen some pictures of it. It feels familiar place for me in this hectic and big city.

So let's go around Hyehwa, this post will be really picture heavy!

When you come to Hyehwa with a subway, take exit 2 and you will step to the world of theatres. Hyehwa is well known of it's many theatre's, they are really in every corner. There is also lots of young people on the streets trying to sell you tickets to the current shows. This side of Hyehwa you will find lots of café's right next to each other, many restaurants, music pubs and some cool little clothing stores and other nice shops selling little things you might not need but you will want after seeing them. Hyehwa is boheme and home for many kinds of arts. Korea National Open University is also located to this side.

That castle is the guesthouse where I stayed last fall, Pub Exo is nowadays Pub 8st

There's One Piece exhibiton going on, we might go because my husband would like to see it.
Yeah, poop.
Korea National Open University and Marronnier Park has this nice little stream next to them

But that's not all, Hyehwa is also the best place in the world because Naksan Park (san means mountain) is located in here. And when you climb to Naksan, you will see the beautiful old Seoul City Wall and one of the coolest places I've experienced, Ihwa mural village, is located right next to the park. I think that even the little houses are enough to go to see that place, but some of the alley's are turned to gallery for street art, so you will also see nice paintings. Sometimes the most famous paintings can be really crowded. The village and Naksan itself is pretty steep so even if korean girls might choose to wear high heels to climb there, I wouldn't. I've seen cars and busses on the top of Naksan, so that's possible way to experience it too. You can see a glimpse of Seoul from the top so I think it's pretty nice second option to Namsan, free and less crowded.

You are going on right way when you see this...
...and this, this is a lock museum
Painted map of the area

Then it's Naksan's turn, this blog's header pic is from Naksan Park also, part of the Seoul City Wall. There were lots of school kids when I visited last time.

Then to the other side of Hyehwa! If you take exit 3 instead of exit 2, you will find very different kind of place. Many Universities have located part of their campus in here, there's Hongik University's Daehagno campus, Seoul Women's University's Daehagno campus, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University's Yengeon campus and their hospital and dental hospital. So Hyehwa is good place to go also if you don't want to be the only foreigner around. Where I live isn't that much foreigners so I might get stared, but here's always students or tourists. This side is filled with many kind of restaurants, pubs and cosmetic shops. I've seen also k-pop cover dance performance here in the evening time.

Sungkyunkwan University gates.


That's my Hyehwa.

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