First days in Korea

Now when I've been in Korea for five days, I finally have some time to write a little about my first days in here. My flight was something between 8 and 9 hours and like always, it felt way too long. Plane was crowded like last time too and I had time to watch three movies and even slept a little while, but like last time when I came to Korea, I started to feel nausea after breakfast. Next time I'll skip breakfast and must prepare something own to eat, even the smell of plane food makes me sick...

My life in two luggages...

Otherwise flight went well, but even though I have medication for motion sickness, I felt bad the whole day after my flight and I was really scared that my breakfast would come back up... Yonggun was waiting me at the airport, with a rose, so I didn't need to worry about anything. First day we went to eat some meat with parents in law and we spend a night in a hotel with Yonggun. We spend our night in Jongno and went to buy couple/engagement rings for us, there is so many jewelry stores! All have big selection of couple rings since those are really popular in Korea. I'll post a better pic of our rings in my next post, I need to take a better picture. Rest of the night we just rested because I was still feeling too weak.

Sundubu jjigae
My dear ahjussi after a haircut
Sister's cafee
It has nice open terrace to walking street

Second day we went to get some sundubu jjigae as our breakfast because I didn't have tasted it before. After that we went to visit Yonggun's sister's cafee in Bundang. It was really nice, trendy and peaceful place, I should have took more pictures. We spend some time in sister's really beautiful cafee and had dinner with her too. I would recommend to visit there if you feel like need to get off from hectic Seoul for a while and need to get some fresh air.

First two days were pretty tough for me, even though everyone were really nice to me and took care of me well, I felt really blue all the time. Couldn't explain why because I didn't knew either. I started to take huge pressure about my non existing language skills and everything was just too overwhelming. So much happening in such a little time. It could also be because of flight and tiredness, but now I feel much better already. 

Third day was really exciting because it was the first day when Yonggun needed to go to work, so I was left alone with parents. His parents are extremely nice to me, but it's exciting and a bit difficult because we don't share a same language. They don't speak english and I don't speak korean, I just understand some words here and there... But we don't let it to be too big problem, his parents have been so sweet to me. His mom likes to hold my hand and takes really good care of me and his dad is also really nice to me, they are doing their best that I would feel good to be in here. I couldn't be more happier how kind they have been to me, I appreciate it so much. I know that for some korean parents it would be a shock and sad thing to have a white daughter in law but they seem to be so proud and happy of me it makes me feel really good.

In the morning we went to shop some food from really big market and I was forced to pick what I would like to eat, but I'm shy and don't ever ask anything so it's kind of hard for me. Nice experience anyways, experience normal life in here and drive around with a car. I had talked to Yonggun that I would like to go to do some shopping in Myeongdong and then suddenly mom decided that she would like to come with me. I think that Yonggun was a bit worried but we had a good time together. She hold my hand like I would be her real daughter and wanted to buy me some things. It's hard for me to take anything but I knew that it was important for her. We also went to eat together, no language in common but had a nice day. I was really touched when I saw that she had an english phrase book with her, so she really wants to learn to communicate with me too.

Mom bought me sunglasses, lip gloss and couple t-shirts for me and Yonggun.
Beer in karaoke bar!
My parents in law and dad's friend enjoying karaoke.

After that mom called dad who was having some time with his friends and then we joined them in Namdaemun. We went to eat with them (mom wants me to eat all the time) again, men enjoying soju and lots of good meat. Dad's friends were really nice to me too and kept telling me that I'm beautiful, another of them introduced me to everyone he knew and told them that I'm from Finland. I even got told to speak on phone with his son or son in law because he wanted to know if I think that he is a good man. Thank god they didn't force me to drink, but drinking soju led to karaoke bar and there I had to clap along and dance while they were singing. Really interesting evening! Yonggun was kind of shocked to hear about my day, but I think it was a pretty unique and nice way to get to know my parents in law and new sides of Korea!

This is how I should spend my time, studying with Mimi.


  1. Mukava kuulla että siellä on kaikki sujunut hyvin! En osaa edes kuvitella miltä tuntuu muuttaa itselle melko tuntemattomaan kulttuuriin jonka kieltä ei puhu. Kuulostaa toiminnantäyteiseltä ja sun appivanhemmat aika ihanilta. :) Eiköhän se yhteinen kieli siitä ala löytymään jos kummallakin osapuolella kerran on tahtoa oppia. ^^

    Rutistuksia! :)

    - Kirsi

    1. Kiitos, Kirsi! Eihän tää helppoa oo, mutta appivanhemmat ja mies tekevät kyllä kaikkensa, että mulla olisi täällä hyvä olla. :) Paljon, paljon on kuitenkin vielä opittavaa!


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