Who am I?

I'm Riikka, 25 year old girl from Finland. When I made this blog it was about my first trip to Seoul, my first adventure alone, and I wrote it in finnish. Things changed after that and I felt like I need a new beginning with this blog. I met amazing person while traveling and pretty soon after that fell madly in love and decided that Seoul wouldn't be just a travel for me, soon it will be my new home.

My love for Korea begun in spring 2012, when I accidentally found k-pop and fell in love with the language. I've been interested about Asia since I was 11 and they started to publish manga Dragon Ball in my language, but after getting introduced to Korea I knew that it would be my thing. In september 2014 I was finally brave enough to visit Seoul, alone. I grew a lot mentally because of that trip and left part of my heart there. I decided that someday I would try how it would be to live there, when few weeks just isn't enough, but life didn't go like I thought it would. I thought I found my new bestfriend fom there, but after a while I realized I found the love of my life instead. After struggling months in long distance relationship, constantly missing each other, it's finally time to start our life together.

In this blog I will write about my new exciting life, how it is being a foreigner in a korean family, how it is to be a foreigner in Korea. I don't know yet exactly what will happen, but I'm ready for new challenges! My english is still limited, but I hope that you have a good time with me!

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