Welcome Haru!

Time to reveal the third change I've been talking about, we got a new puppy! Last Saturday tiny chihuahua puppy joined our family. Her breeders named her "Bomi", but we decided to start to call her Haru (하루). She was around 10 weeks old when we got her, but still the tiniest puppy I've ever hold. I love pretty much all dogs, big and small, mixed and purebred, but this time I decided to take a chihuahua because small dogs are easier in a big city with limited space like Seoul. Dogs are allowed to travel here in buses and trains, but they must be in a closed bag. We don't have a car so we need to use public transportation when we want to go to parks, so the dog must fit in to a light carrier. She will also be small enough to travel with us in a plane cabin if we will spend longer periods in my home country.

In South Korea puppies are often bought from pet stores, and pet stores get their puppies usually from puppy mills. I've read horror stories how pet store …

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