Monday With Me

I personally enjoy of reading about others' normal life, so I decided to make a post about my very typical Monday. If someone still thought that living and studying in Korea would be somehow glamorous, you will now see that my life is very far from that. :D But of course not all who are living here are a boring as I am! I could make another "day with me" -post when I actually do something nice or go somewhere if you like this kind of posts, but this post will give you a glimpse of my very typical day as a university student and a wife living in Korea. I will write this post in present tense, but it tells actually how my day was yesterday. I don't have time or talent to plan and stage every picture I take (and I would be too embarrassed to go to school with a real camera), so all the pictures are just quick snaps I took with my phone.

06:43 I wake up 10 minutes before my morning alarm. I stay in bed for a while and check what has happened in facebook and instagram while I was sleeping. Seems like the weather will be pretty nice today!

07:25 Finally, I get up, get dressed and start to make myself to look like a human. Usually I make my make up in our room, but Mondays I need to wake up earlier than my husband, so I'll do my make up in bathroom and let him sleep a bit longer.

08:05 Out!

08:13 Bus comes. I'm lucky and get a seat. Usually morning busses are super full, so getting a seat immediatelly feels like a luxury.

08:30 Bus arrives to our campus. I visit convenience store and buy some fruits and snackbars for this morning and for tomorrow. I leave always a bit too early from home if I have morning classes because you can never predict the traffic, so I have some time before I head to class. I eat a snackbar made of different kind of nuts as my breakfast.

8:45 Heading to class. My major's classes are held in this ugly social science building. I don't think I would qualify as an international student ambassador because I speak too honestly about my university... I visit a copy shop and buy some reading material for my other class before climbing to third floor where my class is held.

9:00 Class starts. Three hours of very basics of Korean language. We start with a quiz like usually. Questions are about occupations and numbers. I make one stupid mistake. Sometimes I forget the correct way to write very familiar words and might have silly errors. I do speaking practices with an exchange student from Germany and try to help her when she has difficulties to follow our teacher when she speaks only Korean and might change from topic to other very quickly.

11:50 Class ends! I had only this one class today so it's time for some homework reading. Today I decide to head to a coffee shop instead of library. I choose Coffee Bean because I saw advertisements that they should have new cherry blossom flavored drinks, but seems this shop didn't get them yet. My lunch today is a bagel and iced chai tea latte.

12:10 Time to study. I start with that material I bought earlier in the morning for my International Commerce Law class, and try to make notes of my part so I could explain it as clearly as possible to my groupmates. After I've done with it, I start to read for my class about Korean adoption. This article is interesting, but I wasn't prepared for its length, so I'm not able to finish it before I need to go.

15:50 Heading to my law class study group meeting. I meet weekly with three lovely Korean girls. This is my first study group ever and my first time to be included to Korean Korean group like this, so it's kind of exciting for me. Weather is really nice and sunny today. Our group leader has reserved a table for us from this building where I didn't had visited ever before these meetings. 

17:20 Our group meeting ends. Because the weather is really nice I decide to take the Pokémon Go gym down and collect my daily coins. We have few gyms and stops in our campus. Next to the gym we have this lovely magnolia tree that happens to be now in full bloom, so I can't resist to snap few pictures of it.

17:30 Usually I would go home after the study group meeting, but because I couldn't finish my readings and I have quiz coming the next day, I head to library to study some more. I finish my readings for Korean adoption class and have a quick look on my previous microeconomics homework.

19:17 Time to head home. It has become dark outside while I've been reading in the library.

19:23 I'm lucky and this time bus comes almost immediatelly when I arrive to the bus stop. Sometimes I need to wait even 15 minutes... Bus driver seems to be in a serious hurry so he hits me with the door when I enter the bus and drives like crazy.

19:45 Finally back home! My husband has arrived before me and because he is silly he is hiding from me... Like usually :D First thing I do is to take contact lenses out of my eyes.

19:58 Dinner time! One good thing about living with your parents-in-law is that there is usually some food ready if we don't want to eat something else. Finns eat a lot of potatoes, but I like this Korean way to eat spicy or soy sauced flavored potatoes. My brain isn't working in full power anymore, so I accidentally pour water to my bowl of rice instead of a cup...

20:21 Time to take a bit of rest. That means checking social media and cuddling with puppy and hubby. For some reason my whole legs hurt like crazy, so my dear husband offers to give me a massage.

21:10 I decide to review my notes and homeworks of microeconomics for next day's quiz. Because my other readings took more time than I thought, I don't feel as prepared for the quiz than I wanted to be.

21:40 Netflix time with hubby. We watch one episode of the Daredevil series.

22:46 I wash dishes, pack my backpack ready for next day, and start to prepare for going to sleep. I'm pretty exhausted after all studying and need to wake pretty early tomorrow morning.

23:00 Good night!


February -17 Through My Phone

Hi all! I'm here with some pictures from February. I've got few very nice comments lately and I would like to thank you for taking your time to write some kind words to me. I don't have many readers and even though I plan to blog time to time even without any interaction with readers (or without having any readers...), it's very motivating and makes my day when I hear that my blog has been useful or entertaining for someone. Right now I'm back to school and pretty busy with my studies, even though I'm taking a bit less credits than usually, but I'll plan to write soon about my course selection and how my previous semester went.

1-2. Korea University hoods. In my January post I told that I needed to hike a mountain to get to Kim Jaejoong's concert, so I took the first pic to show that Korea University's campus really is located on mountains. It doesn't look that high in the picture, but I'm glad I don't need to live in their dormitory and climb a big hill every day...
3. We took some pictures together in our last weeks of language class. I don't know what our teachers or my other classmates think about publishing pictures online, so I'll share only this one picture of me and my dear classmate from China. I must say that I kind of miss Korea University, studying Korean language, and my Chinese (and Mongolian) girls :(
4. Pastry that looked so cute but didn't taste very good... Couldn't resist to try it while reading for my Korean final exams.

1. I played lots of Pokemón Go! KU campus was pretty ideal place for some daily hunting. I really dislike to catch Clefairy because it gets out of the ball so easily (while laughing!) so wasn't too excited when the first day of Valentine's event looked like this...
2. Can't complain about our neighborhood. Feel lucky to walk in a park like this.
3. I waited this day for so long! Unfortunately my Snorlax isn't very good, so haven't had use for her so far...
4. Also caught my first (and so far only) Pokemón with perfect IV! But yeah not much use for Seaking either when there's +3000cp Pokémons on gyms...

1. Found a restaurant that serves perfect 감자탕 (gamjatang). It has super tender pork meat with bones in a bit spicy but delicious soup.  
2. One of my first favourite foods when I came to Korea, 닭갈비 (dakgalbi). Very spicy chicken served this time with lots of cheese and rice cakes filled with cheese. This restaurant served free wine with lunch! 
3. Japanese ramen. This is something we would likely eat when my husband can choose what to eat.
4. It's strawberry season in Korea so every cafe is serving lovely strawberry cakes and drinks. Korean cakes are often pretty disappointing, but this was actually very delicious. 

1-2. Our baby. This is how our typical weekends and evenings look like. I'm not always sure if she hates or loves us since she is a huge persona, but at least she is always happy when we come back home and ready for cuddles. 
3. Was surprised how hard it is to find Korean books translated to English... This book is fictional but tells about the times of Gwangju massacre. Unfortunately I haven't had time to read it much yet, but I'm looking forward on it since the author is from Gwangju herself.
4. On my way back home some day... In February sun started to stay up much longer and set down just after 6pm.

1-2. After my Korean language course ended, I had a one week vacation to do whatever I wanted! So one day I decided to visit COEX. I went to check SMTOWN's store too since I haven't been there in a while, but there was absolutely nothing I would have wanted to buy.
3-4. And then back to school. Girafarig used to greet me everyday in the main gate of our campus.


Current Music Favourites from Korea

To be honest I don't listen much music anymore. I used to be huge k-pop fan few years ago, but now I hear new songs just if the tv happens to be open when some music show is on. Usually it isn't. And usually the music (unfortunately) isn't worth listening. But sometimes there is exceptions and I have found some new songs I like! The main source of music for me nowadays are coffee shops where I might accidentally hear some nice songs while studying. Now I want to introduce some of my favourite songs from Korean cafe playlists!

My favourite rapper! Bewhy's songs have really cool mystical melody in them I happen to like a lot. I think he is super cool and even though some of his songs talk about God and his faith and I'm extremely atheist I enjoy to listen them. He has lots of great songs, but this song is one of my cafe favourites.

I love SNSD, but haven't been really interested of Taeyeon's solo career. Anyways now I've heard many songs from her and must admit that her first album is very good. This piano song is my personal favourite. This song also reminded me why I've thought that Korean is beautiful language.

And then some indie pop rock because I love the feeling of this song! Real good mood song. Hearing this makes me happier instantly.

And here comes my second favourite rapper. If Bewhy wasn't for you, maybe Zion T could be? He is also super cool and his recent music has been so chill. I think he has pretty unique voice and this is my favourite of his newer songs. "Machine Gun" and especially "Knock" from Show Me the Money were super great too.

Okay I'm not actually sure if I've ever heard this song in a cafe, but I wanted to include this group in my list since they are pretty much the only rookie group I'm a bit interested of. This song sounds like an anime intro and the "horror" concept with the song is really refreshing. These girls are so pretty too and many of them sound to be actually pretty great singers. I enjoy also their cover of Maroon 5's Lucky Strike.

BTS is one of the most popular boy groups in Korea right now, so I've happened to hear many songs from their album "Wings". My husband hates them, but I enjoy most of their songs secretly and have always admired their dancing skills. This song has very interesting beat in the chorus. After hearing k-pop everywhere for few years new songs don't really catch my attention anymore, but this song did. Another song I like a lot from this album is "Two! Three!".

I followed Produce 101 exitedly and voted my favourites daily, so I was very happy when my favourite girl Chungha was able to make it in the final group. Unfortunately their songs have been very dissappointing and I didn't really care about half of the girls in the group, but this last ballad is so good. When I heard it for the first time I couldn't believe that it's really sung by I.O.I! Chungha became known for her amazing dancing skills, but this song proves that she has also a really beautiful voice.

Ailee might be one of the most talented Korean female singers, and this song is my favourite from her. It came out years ago, but I heard it for the first time very recently in the cafe where I usually study.

More rap, but I think that it was actually the female vocalist who caught my attention when I heard this song for the first time.

I found out about this singer accidentally when I saw him performing in some music show and got amazed by his beautiful voice and talent. He was outstanding. Usually I find ballads to be extremely boring, but I really enjoy this song and "Making a New Ending for This Story", which plays in cafes a lot too. Amazing voice.

This song has serious Eurovision Song Contest vibes! I've heard this song many times and had no idea that Heechul sings it. He does pretty good job. Fun power ballad.

I've never really listened or liked B1A4, but this song is so good! I really like the chorus and feeling of this song.

Do you like any of these songs?


Things I Like About Korea

I promised to write a post of things I like about living in Korea after my very negative and critical post about the bad sides of Korea. When you live in a country for a some time you will start to see and recognize the not so nice parts of the place and culture you live in, but there's also many things I love about Korea that make living in here many ways better than what it would be in where I came from. After all, I still love Korea and consider it as my home country. When I travel I feel home when I land back to Korean ground. Sometimes I wish that I could still see everything as naively and excitedly I saw when I came here for the first time, but I have still often those moments when I think that Seoul is a super cool place to live in. My opinions are based on a life in Seoul, so people living in a countryside or smaller cities in Korea might have totally different experiences and disagree with me.

Getting interested of the language was the reason why I got interested of Korea. For me Korean is that Asian language I feel easiest to listen to and easiest to get a grip on. I think Korean is really interesting and beautiful language and even if you are not into Korean popular music I think it's very suitable language for rapping and has a really nice flow (other language I think sounds really nice rapped is Swedish)! Thanks to King Sejong Korea has very simple alphabets and I think it's pretty cool to know more than one writing system. 

Being able to see the mountains wherever you go was part of the reasons why I fell in love with this country. I know many foreigners complain that you can't see much green in Seoul, but I feel that the mountains keep the nature close. And if you go outside of the city there's lots and lots of green! There's also some nice parks in Seoul and many beautiful places you can reach by subway and go to enjoy the nature, like the surroundings of the Seoul Grand Park Zoo. Also the cities by the sea seem to be gorgeous, and if that's not enough there's Jeju Island which is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Korean food is amazing and eating out is really affordable. Most of the Korean food is spicy, but really delicious. There's restaurants in every corner and even if some tiny restaurants managed by local old ladies can look a bit sketchy, many of these restaurants offer really delicious food with a very cheap price. Certain areas of Seoul have also lots of foreign restaurants so you don't need to get bored with Korean food. You can find pretty much any type of food from here. I've tried so many new foreign foods while living in Korea. Unfortunately foreign food is usually more expensive than Korean food. You can also get almost anything delivered to your home, perfect for lazy days!

Cafe Culture
Coffee shops in Korea are not just for drinking coffee. I feel like they can work as an extension of a home. They are of course a meeting place with friends, but they are also so much more, and they are everywhere! Many coffee shops in Korea are huge and no one will ask you to leave if you want to spend your whole day studying there. Tired students even take naps in cafees and that's not a problem. Some coffee shops are open 24/7. If you don't want to drink your coffee in a big chain coffee shops there's also huge amount of cute and small independent coffee shops all around the city specialized on different kind of treats. Seoul is also the city of different kind of theme cafes. Some cosmetic brands have their own cafees, then there's different kind of animal coffee shops (for example dog, cat and raccoon), board game cafees, silent study cafes, dress up cafes where you can try a hanbok or wedding gowns, different kind of character cafes like Moomins, Hello Kitty, Kakao... The options are endless! Unfortunately coffee in Korea is kind of expensive compared to the prices of food.

There's so much to do in Seoul! Karaoke rooms, PC rooms to play computer games, and all the theme coffee shops mentioned before. Most of the stores stay open very late. Then there's markets where you can shop even at night. Some of the museums are free or really affordable. Visiting a palace is really cheap too and if you want you can do it by wearing traditional Korean clothes, hanbok. Hiking, summer activities around Han river, indoor sports... If you want to do something, you can probably find a place to do it in Seoul.

Public Transportation
Public transportation works well, takes you everywhere, is cheap, clean and safe (if you remember to hold on something). While traveling in Europe I've noticed that many subway stations are dark and a bit scary, trains might be dirty and like in Prague all windows were scratched. In some cities going to subway stations certain times of a day can be even dangerous. But not in Seoul! Subway stations have bright lights, trains and stations are clean, and you don't need to be scared of your life to use subway in the evening time. Most of the busses also go very frequently.

Old Architecture
Korea is a country where old architechture meets the modern and new, and I think it looks really fascinating. Old Korean traditional buildings are beautiful and something totally different than what I have used to see in Europe.

Even though I complained about the rude older ladies most of the Koreans are very polite people. If you are a tourist you will surely get help if you ask. I've got help to carry my luggages in stairs without asking. Some lovely old people might offer you some free food with your meal, fruits while you pass by, or a seat in a subway. If I've needed help at my university my fellow students have been kind and helpful if I have just open my mouth. Koreans are also used to share and will take good care of their friends and treasure their family. Koreans might be a bit reserved and let people mind their own business which I, as a quiet Finn, personally like, but I heard that for people from more open and loud cultures it can feel distressing.

Most of the things in Korea happen very fast. Things with banking, reneving Visa, and other viral office visits that would take weeks to be dealed in Finland can be done in that exact moment in Korea. Need new eye glasses? Ready in minutes. Need to see a doctor? Wait few minutes. Need a translation of a document? Done immediatelly under your eyes. Food comes fast too. And if you would need to wait a long time you can just go to somewhere else where they will deal with it more efficiently because there's so many places providing similar services.

Anything can happen in anywhere and there's always bad exceptions too, but compared to many other countries Korea is pretty safe place to live. Seoul has more than 50 million people and still it's the only place where I've seen people reserving seats in coffee shops with their handphones! Or leaving their phones to be charged next to strangers while their own seat might be even in a different floor of the building. If you need to visit a toilet it's totally normal to leave your stuff, including your laptop, to wait unguarded. I don't feel scared in a full subway that someone would steal something from my pockets. It's of course better to be safe than sorry and have some common sense because surely there is some bad apples in those 50 million people, but I'm most scared of being hit by a car. You can walk here safely carrying your expensive dslr-camera.You don't need to try to pretend not to be a tourist to be safe. If you are a woman I would be careful to walk alone at night (in every country of the world!), but I don't think you need to be more scared in Seoul than what you would be in your home country. At least I felt more insecure in my supposedly safe home country than in Seoul!

I wrote before that appearance in Korea is too important, but because of that big part of the younger generation dress up really well in here. You will see lots of nicely cut hair looking like straight from the shampoo advertisements and lots of people dressing really well. You can see that many people plan their outfits very carefully. I feel that Koreans have only few styles where to choose from, and most of Korean clothing stores sell totally same stuff, but I personally like Koreans' sense of style. There's not much personal space in Korea so at least it's nicer to be surrounded by clean people who take care of themselves. I think that in general people in Korea dress up better than people in Finland, but my husband with totally different view of style appreciates Finnish more individual style to dress.

I and my skin love Korean cosmetics! New world opened to me after learning about them. Life is so much easier when you can just walk to a store and buy what you need instead of ordering it from another side of the world. Korean cosmetic business is really innovative and there's so many brands to choose from. There's something for everyone. Some brands do better with color cosmetics, some do better with skin care. I'm the laziest person ever to take care of my skin and still I get sometimes compliments about my skin. I think that I need to thank Korean cosmetics and make up for that. It's also really easy to find affordable products. One of the greatest things is that many Korean brands don't do animal testing and it will be totally banned by 2018! It's just better to remember that if you want to use 100% cruelty free brands you should use brands that don't sell their products in China because China requires all cosmetics to be tested with animals.


How To Study Korean Language - My Experience

People often ask me how much Korean I can speak because I live in here and have Korean family, so I decided to write about my language learning experience. First of all I want to say that I'm not one of those lucky ones who learn languages easily just by hearing them. I studied English at school for years and years and even after that I have needed a lot of practice to get my English in the level it is now. Few years ago I couldn't write even a sentence without googling something about the grammar. My English is not perfect yet, but I've got much better with it. I'm pretty sure that my journey with learning Korean language will be similar and extremely long too.

I studied Korean alphabet, hangeul, in 2012 (gosh that's ages ago!) by myself. Korean alphabet is very easy to learn and there's even videos in youtube that promise to make you learn it in 5 minutes. Korean is usually pronounced the way it's written, but there's also consonants that are sometimes silent, cases where the previous consonant changes how the next consonant is pronounced and other exceptions, so unfortunately speaking Korean correctly is not as simple as it might seem. I studied Korean grammar a bit by myself using the first book of Integrated Korean series. It's made especially considering English speaking learners and it explains new grammar in great detail. Only thing I didn't like about this book at first was that it's clearly targeted for university students and back when I begun my Korean studies I didn't have use for that kind of vocabulary. Anyways, I think it's great series for self-studying! Other source I highly recommend is Talk To Me In Korean. They offer lots of free material meant especially for self-studies in a really easy-to-understand form and because the lessons are short you can feel that you are making progress fast and easy way. I also bought their second and third level books and my husband got me their vocabulary books (but those vocabulary books haven't been the best for me). Those books are really affordable and teach you one thing about grammar in each chapter. These short chapters kept me easily motivated and studying with them is fun. I've tried some other books too, but these two series are so far the best and most informative I've found for self-studying purpose.

So when I moved to Korea in 2015 I already new some basic grammar and greetings and was able since the beginning to communicate with my parents-in-law at least a bit. Even though I'm surrounded with Korean language everyday I haven't been able to learn it much without really studying it, but of course I've learned many useful daily expressions I didn't had read from books just by hearing them so often. My listening skills have got a lot better too. Unfortunately I've also managed to become a master of just blocking everything what others are speaking because I've got so used to it that I can't understand and aren't able to participate in the conversation. When I started my university I also started my first Korean classes. I spend two hours two times a week studying things I had already studied by myself. This course didn't make me to expand my knowledge, but helped me to correct some errors and gave me some practice of right pronunciation. Our teacher didn't speak any English and even though that wasn't a problem for me some students who weren't familiar with Korean already had difficulties to understand the class. Next semester I tried to take the next level, but my new teacher didn't seem to be very interested of teaching and I was so busy with my other studies I thought that those classes were kind of waste of time and didn't finish it.

I need to take Korean language examination and pass TOPIK level 4 (out of 6) to be able to graduate. Because my Korean hasn't magically got much better by itself I decided it's time to do something about it, joined intensive language course in Korea University and studied the first level while having winter vacation from my own university. Almost all Korean universities offer these kind of courses, so if you are interested of studying in one I would recommend you to consider in what area of Seoul you want to study because Seoul is a big city and there's so many schools to choose from. I couldn't find much experiences about different universities online, but I considered between three universities - Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, and my own university Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. HUFS because it's already familiar university for me and close where I live, Sungkyunkwan because I really like the area where the Seoul campus is located and because their course would have had the best schedule considering my major studies. Sungkyunkwan has longer days than other universities have, so they can teach one usually 10 week long level in 8 weeks. In the end I chose Korea University because it's one of the top 3 universities in Seoul and because they offer afternoon class 1:30-17:30. I'm not really a morning person and wanted to sleep my vacation mornings. One level, 10 weeks 4 hours in a day, costs depending of a university a bit less or a bit over 1,500,000 KRW (around 1230 euros). In Korea University afternoon class is a bit cheaper than more popular morning class.

Now I'm succesfully finished with my first level in Korea University's Korean Language Center (KLC) and I must say that I loved my time there! Korea University is a big university so they are well adapted to have foreign students. Our orientation was held in four different languages including English and their office has at least English, Chinese and Japanese speaking workers to whom you can go to ask help when facing any problems. My teachers were also extremely kind and willing to help us in our daily difficulties. Only a bit chaotic thing was the language level test in the orientation day because there's hundreds and hundreds of students taking it, but gladly there was at least English and Chinese speaking staff to help confused newbies like me. Most of the students are Chinese, but I saw lots of Viatnemese students too. People from Western countries are really a minority there. I was first very dissappointed to be placed to level 1 even though I knew the basics of the language already, but now after taking it I must say that it was the right level for me and my Korean has got a lot better! I was in a bit more advanced class where all of the students had already some knowledge of the language and some students were way better than me already. I don't know how it is for first level if you know 0% Korean, but our classes were held 100% in Korean. Every class has two teachers, each teaching two hours of a day. I loved my teachers! They were kind, fun and not afraid to correct students mistakes. We laughed a lot in almost every class and sometimes when I went to university early to study and wait my class to start I could hear morning classes laughing in their classrooms. I couldn't ask any better teachers than I got. My biggest problem with Korean has been speaking, and these classes really force you to talk and teachers try their best to correct everyones pronunciation. My classes were really conversational instead of lecturing so we really needed to try to use the things we had learned. And because the classes are multicultural and most of your classmates might not know much English chatting between students happens in Korean too (when/if the people from same country won't just chat with each other). We had four weekly tests, two reading out loud tests, one speech, and midterm and final exams icluding reading, listening, writing and speaking. My husband has been huge help for me practicing correct pronunciation, reading and correcting my mistakes in my Korean diary, and testing new vocabulary with me. I would say that Korea University is pretty strict university so if you don't study enough or your skills aren't good enough for the next level their teachers won't let you to go to next level just out of pity.

There was one negative thing about these classes though that isn't, unfortunately, anything that KLC could fix - lazy or un-motivated students. Every class has 10-15 students and because most of the practices are done as pairs it's extremely important that everyone participates. Unfortunately in my class there were some students who skipped very many classes (if you skip too many you can't go to next level), came late most of the days, tried to sleep on the class and used their handphones even though it's not allowed in class time. Some days teachers even needed to take phones away from some students! It takes so much time from studying when teachers need to fight these same stupid things every single day. Thankfully there were also students who took their studies seriously, but it's really difficult for me to understand how +20 years old people don't have any clue how to behave on (very expensive) class... Anyways, I'll surely go back to Korea University my next vacation and will take the next level. These classes can be very demanding, but if you do your studies well you can learn so much in 10 weeks! I think that Korea University is really good choice if you need practice in your conversation skills and want to get better at speaking, but you will also learn a lot of grammar and to write correctly, too. Next I plan to study for TOPIK I examination and want to try to take it this year, continue writing diary in Korean to help me not to forget what I learned, and will take beginner level (again...) course this semester at my own university because I can get some credits from it. This will be long but rewarding journey for me!


January -17 Through My Phone

I had my Korean language final exams last week and now I've succesfully finished the first level. I plan to write a post about my language studies soon! I didn't do much in January since my husband was very busy and I spend most of the time studying Korean, but anyways here's few pictures from January.

1-4. It snowed again in January and this time the snow actually stayed on the ground for few days! This was the most of snow I've seen in Seoul so far. It was pretty while it lasted. Now I'm already SO ready for Spring!

1. It can't be really seen in the picture, but it was snowing heavily the whole day. But as a surprise there was no snow on the streets when we got out. In Seoul all snow just seems to magically disappear somewhere! We spend almost all our weekends in coffee shops studying.
2. January was so cold! And yeah I've lived through -30 celcius winters, but it doesn't make Korea's winters feel any less cold. Winter wind is so freezing here.
3. I've made one really great friend through my husband and managed to have a coffee date with her after a long time. My chili hot choco was super delicious and our drinks were so cute! Chatting/ranting time was well needed.
4. Part of our lunch from some weekend. We love Mexican food and this was so delicious! Thankfully there's plenty of pretty nice foreign food restaurants in Seoul.

1-4. Singer Kim Jaejoong finished his two years long military service and had two concerts to celebrate his new freedom and to greet fans. This was my first time to see him live so I was really excited. He was handsome, funny and sang really well (even though he had caught up by cold) and performed my favourite song, so it was nice. The concert was held in Korea University and I literally needed to hike a mountain to get to the venue in a really cold day... And then took some selfies being bored while waiting the concert to start.

1-4. Miracle! Pokémon Go came to Korea! Finally! I was so excited and caught the first pokémons from our bed. We are lucky and can reach one poké stop from our apartment, but unfortunately wild pokémons don't spawn inside our apartment often. It has been cold and my phone's battery hasn't been co-operating well because of that... Still I have left to class a bit earlier almost every day since the release to have some walk to catch some pokémons.


Review: Tony Moly Pokémon Collection Part 2

My first mini review/haul of Tony Moly's Pokémon collection is one of my most viewed posts (read it here), so I thought that it would be nice to show the new items I've bought from this adorable collection. Their new products include skincare products, mascaras, and body products, but I purchased only eye palette, two lip tints and lip balm. Tony Moly has all Pokémon products on sale right now!












Tony Moly Pokémon Eye Palette #01 Pikachu
Price: 16,800 KRW
I bought this eye palette ages ago but it took forever for me to finally take pictures of it so I've been waiting to get to use it for a long time! These eye palettes come in two designs, Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Pikachu has brown shades and Jigglypuff red shades. I chose the Pikachu one because I use brown eyeshadows daily. This palette has two shimmery shades and one matte, which actually has some tiny glitter particles in it. All of the shades look pretty awful in my one sweep swatch, but their pigment is actually pretty okay and the matte one looks much better on eyes. One shade has 2g of product in it, so in total 6g.









Lip Care Stick #01, Pika Pika Get It Tint #01 & #03

Tony Moly Pika Pika Get It Tint #01 Clear Coral & #03 Red Joy
Price: 8,500 KRW
If I understood right these Pika Pika tints are previously released tints with new packaging. They come in three shades and I bought two of them, #01 which is bright coral shade and #03 which is bright red leaning on blue. Packaging is similar and same size with nailpolish packaging, so applicator is very short. I don't understand this double cork system or why it's necessary. These are long lasting tints and they transfer only when they get wet, like after drinking. I think they fade off pretty nice way so they are very easy products to wear all day. I've been using this coral shade almost every day since I bought it. It's the easy everyday shade for me that brightens my whole make up. Red Joy looks really dark in tube, but is actually pretty bright red. They have 9.6g of product in them.




Tony Moly Pokémon Lip Care Stick #01 Pika Pika Mango
Price: 7,000KRW
These Lip Care Sticks are some of the newest additions to Pokémon collection and they have Christmasy holiday packaging. This stick comes in three different variations. I got the #01 with Pikachu because it smells like mango. I think this is really basic lip balm and it's clear on lips. It smells amazing but doesn't taste good... It has 3.3g of product in it but if you roll all of the balm out it looks like there's plenty!