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Junior Year

I can't believe that after this semester I will have only one year left of my studies! I feel like time has went by so fast, but at the same time it feels like I had my first courses ages ago. I've noticed that my major, international studies, has its good and bad side. The bad side is that after I graduate I'm not trained for a specific career. I have knowledge of many fields, but I will not really be a specialized expert of just one field, so I might need to study more to specialize. The good side, of course, is that I have knowledge of many fields and I have had a chance to try studying many different fields. Politics, economics, law, and international relations are very connected and when I've been studying one of those topics, knowledge of the other fields has been complementing my study. When I applied to this university I was so sure that I want to study politics. I hadn't even considered studying anything else, so I thought I would focus on international relations and politics. Then in my second semester I took mandatory class of economics and got hooked. For a while I actually considered focusing on the study of economics, but the higher level you step, the more math you need, and unfortunately I'm not very mathematical person. Anyways, because of my interest for economics I chose my minor to be international economics and law. And guess what happened? I took my first law class being afraid that I would fail it hard, but ended up getting so into it. Now I try to take all possible law classes I can. I feel like I've found my new passion of study and at least for now I dream that I could afford to continue law studies in some form after my graduation. I would have never guessed! Life works in mysterious ways. Even though I'm still very interested in politics and international issues, I don't see myself pursuing career in international relations like many of my classmates will do, but maybe in international law instead?

February & March -18 Through My Phone

I really should try to make these posts more often so they wouldn't always be two months digests and I would be able to remember more clearly what has happened since my memory isn't too good... It's May already! I just had my midterm exams and I want to share some thoughts about my Junior year as soon as possible. Last week I also had my third year living anniversary with Korea! Anyways now I'm here to share some pictures from February and March.

Paper, Present -Exhibition

I don't visit galleries or museums often, so I was very glad when my friend asked if I would want to visit an art gallery with her because she got two free tickets. The exhibition we went to is called "Paper, Present" and all the artworks, even the furnitures, were made out of paper. This exhibition seems to be pretty popular since even though we visited there on a weekday lunch time, there were so many people there. I'm suprised I managed to take some pictures where you can't see other people at all. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

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Christmas And New Year In Finland

I will skip December and January digests and share some pictures of our trip to Finland instead. I hadn't visited my family in a year and a half so I was pretty excited to see everyone after a long time. We were lucky and had a chance to stay for a month, but the time passed so fast that I wish we could have spend there few weeks more. Unfortunately winter is the travel season in Finland and plane tickects in February were just way too expensive, so we couldn't stay any longer this time. Our flight to Finland left about an hour late from the schedule and took almost 10 hours. I can't complain about the slight delay since just few days before our flying day many flights from Incheon airport were totally cancelled because of heavy smog and some planes weren't able to land to Korea at all, so we were lucky to be able to fly. We needed to visit the airport the day before our flight to finish Haru's travel documents and that day many flights were delayed because of heavy snow. Long flights are always rough and awful, but our Haru behaved like an angel the whole flight. She didn't make a sound and just slept for the whole time. It was funny that even though I had been so long away from my family, when we arrived to my mom's place it felt like we wouldn't have been gone at all. Everything just continued where it had ended last time. Only change was that my little brother wasn't that little anymore but had become a teenager. First days were a bit rough for us because of the time difference and jet lag. We got also caught up by cold that lasted around two weeks... 

Best Movies of 2017

Time to introduce my favourite movies of the year 2017! This time I could came up with only eight movies and most of them are super hero movies, but maybe some of you could enjoy them too. You can see my favourites of 2016 here

October & November -17 Through My Phone

Greetings from Finland! We arrived here almost two weeks ago to spend Christmas with my family. December was very busy month for me because of essay deadlines and final exams, but now we are here and can just rest and relax. We took our puppy with us and she has been amazing. Our flight took almost 10 hours but she didn't make a sound! Now she spends her days here melting everyones' hearts. I know that the year is coming to an end and that there's only one day left of December, but I came to post some pictures from October and November.

September -17 Through My Phone

It has already turned to November, but I'm here with some pictures from September! I'll try to get the October pictures out too as soon as possible. My midterm exams are over now and I have more time for other things besides school again.

Haru - Part 1

Because I'm a bit crazy dog mommy I've decided to share here some pictures of Haru once in a while. I think she is the pretties pup on Earth (like everyone thinks of their own?) and since she is still growing I try take pictures of her weekly to record how she changes while she grows. Even though she doesn't really enjoy of being my model and would rather just play instead... I hope that someone of you enjoys of these pictures, I just think they are too cute not to be shared! I know there's too many pictures but... So cute!

Summer Is Turning To Fall

And that means new post about my studies! Like I mentioned before, I studied Korean language for my whole summer vacation. I took level 2 in Korea University's language center. I think that compared to level 1 this was much more difficult, but it might be because previously I've always been kind of studying same stuff over and over again, and now I finally learned new grammar and vocabulary everyday after a long time. I had new teachers this time and they were very lovely, like all of the language center's teachers seem to be. I can't praise their teachers enough. I don't know how they have been able to find all these amazing people to work for them. In level 2 teachers use a bit more advanced Korean while they teach, so I needed to try to focus very carefully to listen what they spoke. Compared to level 1 my classmates were much more motivated. Not that many late comers, not that many people skipping classes all the time, and not that many students trying to sleep or use their phones, so that was a very positive surprise for me. Only complain I have is that in level 2 teachers didn't really focus on our pronunciation. In level 1 it was one of the main focus, but now we got personal feedback of our pronunciation basically only if we asked. I felt that I wasn't doing very well this semester and stressed a lot that what if I can't pass the level, but thankfully I did okay in my exams. I got pretty good results of all my other exams, but the results of my speaking/conversation exams were lower than what I got from other areas. I was really surprised that I did actually better in my listening exams now than in level 1 getting full points of both of my exams! Level 2 was similar with level 1 in that sense that they are conversation based classes and require students to participate a lot. So if you want to practice especially your conversational skills, I highly recommend trying studies in Korea University. You can read about my experience of level 1 in here. As much as I love Korea University and all my amazing teachers, I think this was my last time studying there. I need to achieve TOPIK level 4 in specific time frame and that examination focuses on writing instead of speaking, so even though I would highly need all the speaking practice Korea University could offer me, I think I must change my focus on writing essays in Korean. I hope that my speaking skills will follow afterwards!

Korea University

How We Live In Korea

I thought it would be nice to talk a little about in what kind of place we live now and what are the differences of renting an apartment in Korea versus renting an apartment in Finland. We are living now in 30m² one room officetel apartment. Like the name officetel suggests some of the apartments of this building are used as offices. Usually this type of housing offers other services too. In this building we have 24h convenience store and Korean restaurant, pharmacy, dentist, and our realtor's office. We have also three (super slow...) elevators and 24h guard who we can contact from our apartment in case of an emergency and who will take our post packages if we aren't home. Our apartment is in the corner of the building so we have windows on two walls and only only one wall shared with a neighbour. Luckily the aparment next door is used as office space so no one is there in the night time and there hasn't been any disturbing noises from any of our neighbours.

View from our rooftop. That's pollution, not clouds.

First Month With A Puppy

Time flies! It's been a month already since Haru joined our little family. She has grown a lot and when comparing her now to the pictures taken a month ago I don't know where my fluffy baby puppy has disappeared! When she was almost 11 weeks her weight was 680 grams, two weeks later 900 grams. This girl likes to eat, or at least liked before we decided to start to feed her very healthy (and expensive) food that is made mostly of salmon. Not her favourite, but I hope she will get used to it. She bites us a bit less than before, has learned her new name, and knows how to sit and go down, but doesn't want to understand the word "no". She has so much energy and is always ready to play. She prefers to play with us, but plays well with her toys on her own too. Living with a very tiny, fast, and playful puppy requires us to be extremely careful or she might get hurt accidentally. Night time she sleeps quietly in her own bed or under our bed. She likes to follow what we do, but isn't extremely clingy so she behaves very well while being alone.

July & August -17 Through My Phone

Since it's already September I decided to write about July and August in a one post. Actually I didn't do much these Summer months because I spend every weekday in Korea University studying Korean, so I didn't take much pictures either... Even though I feel I didn't do much, many things changed and these month were pretty busy for me. I moved to my own apartment and we were in a long distance marriage for one month. Thankfully, my husband's working situation got changed again and now we are sharing this new apartment together. I think that one month separated felt much longer than just a month! And then we got our Haru and she has kept us pretty busy because she is very active little puppy.